An Investment Into Your Future Can Change Everything.


Brandon Hensley - Business Coach

By empowering, inspiring and educating, our vision is to deliver a new level of excellence, prosperity and success.

- Brandon Hensley

Today's environment calls for ever-changing strategies to succeed. Our proven methods and best practices will elevate your business to it's full potential. The old adage is true; Learn more...Earn more.

Why Us?

We aren't just another "business consultant" who owned a salon 10 years ago, but rather a peer owner who understands and experiences today's challenges.

We live and breathe a five location, ten million dollar per year salon company on a day to day basis and understand that this business is tough, and getting tougher. So I started TangerineSalon Pro to help my fellow salon owners and their teams avoid the pitfalls I experienced as our salon company grew from one location to five and from 12 employees to over 150.

These challenges gave me unique insights and strategies and I would much rather have had a coach helping me walk this tightrope instead of learning the hard way. Don't walk alone, give yourself and your staff an outside encourager to help grow your business to the next level. 

We can't wait to join hands with you to see a prosperous tomorrow.