A Proven, Profitable Business Model for Salon Startups.

When we started Tangerine Salon, we literally had no clue what we were doing. We were desperately looking for answers on things like commission structures, service pricing, staff recruitment, etc. Nobody could give us great information, so we went it alone. And we were wrong on just about every aspect. 

The first few years, we were constantly changing virtually every business decision we made in the beginning. This created very rough waters for our staff, our guests and us. We would have gave our right arm if someone could have given us a plan on running our salon in a way that had business practices that were attractive to guests and staff, all while being profitable.

This is where Blueprint comes in. 

Blueprint gives you the action plan, the resources and the insight that will have your salon running smart from day one. This service includes:

  • Staffing and HR Policies

  • Compensation Structures

  • Service Pricing and Vocabulary

  • Branding and Image

  • Back of House Systems

  • Retailing 101

  • Software Recommendations and Solutions

We can also include:

  • Salon Design

  • Preferred Credit Card Processing

  • Furniture & Fixtures

  • Brand Management

  • Business Plan Evaluation

  • Vision Casting

Walk in a path that has already been forged and avoid the pitfalls of changing course. Call today to start off on the right foot.