Apple's Credit Card Is Going to Change Everything

Is Your Business Ready?

Apple recently announced they are entering into the credit card business and pushing Apple Pay even more into the mainstream. There is a very real future that most credit card transactions will take place without an actual credit card.

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NFC (Near Field Communications) is the future as more and more people will be using their iPhones and Android devices to pay for their purchases. If your business does not have the proper equipment, you will be missing sales.

If you have not upgraded your merchant processing equipment to accept not only Apple Pay, but chip functionality, you are at risk of fraud that the credit card companies will not protect you from. You have to accept payments via chip or NFC and forget about swiping.

If you are not sure about your current setup, or would like to make sure you are paying as little as possible in merchant fees, check out my friends over at Felix and they can do a no obligation analysis for you.